why you must choose paraben free products

What is paraben? No, it is not a new religion or disease! It is basically an anti fungal agent, made from petroleum, which can help a product such as a shampoo, face cream or body lotion to stop developing bacteria or fungi from ruining them. Otherwise we would have to keep our face creams in the fridge. Cosmetic companies hope that by using these agents, their products can last up to three years. Longer shelf life means more money so paraben free products are not a profitable option.
These substances have been in use for almost a hundred years but research is now linking them to certain diseases so it is just plain common sense to buy paraben free products, especially when it comes to skin care preparations. They are used in a myriad of other products such as shoe polish, foods, glues and various oils and fats.
What do they do to the body? Nobody thought about these friendly antifungal agents until recently and now there are several studies which say that their long term safety cannot be guaranteed. Why? Simply because they can readily absorbed by the skin, the largest organ in our bodies and then get into the bloodstream. They are not so easily excreted from the body either.
What are the diseases that have a paraben link? There are a whole range of diseases and conditions which have been linked to these agents, from breast cancer to liver disorders and leukemia, depression and schizophrenia. Any skin product can be absorbed into the skin and because they mimic oestrogen, then they should be avoided where possible. What is paraben doing to our bodies? There is no conclusive evidence as yet but it is always better to opt for paraben free products where possible..
Is there a limit established for cosmetic products? Parabens are allowed but there is a limit. This limit is about 3.8 grams for your typical cosmetic product. If we were to use the product, such as a body cream and rub it into the skin for a long period, then there would obviously be a risk. We should bear in mind that cosmetic companies are subject to little or no control by the FDA and are therefore for the most part self regulating.
Go for the safer option. Some companies actually make a point of NOT using parabens but they are not very many. One of these companies has made a point of rejecting these agents and other harmful ingredients such as fragrances and alcohols in all their skin care products. Why not click through and find out how choosing paraben free products could change your life.